About the Journal

Lo Sguardo is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal of Philosophy, currently published by Inschibboleth. Since the foundation in 2009 Lo Sguardo has been publishing only single-topic issues every four six (starting from n. 26, 2018) months.

Lo Sguardo is registered at Rome’s Tribunal with Authorization n° 387/2011. Its publications have the ISSN code: 2036-6558.

ANVUR Scientific Acknowledgment

Lo Sguardo is a scientific journal acknowledged by the Italian Agency for the Evaluation of Research and University (ANVUR) for the following research fields:

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Aims and Scopes

The journal focuses on philosophical issues of theoretical relevance, in their connection with the history of Western Philosophy and, in particular, with crucial moments and pivotal aspects of modern and contemporary thought. Lo Sguardo serves as an intellectual meeting place of research, intertwining theoretical reflection and genealogical inquiry.


Lo Sguardo publishes contributions in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish, encouraging the international dimension of philosophical research.

Editorial policies

The topic of each issue of the journal is established by the Editorial Board with the advice of an International Scientific Committee. The editorial board appoints one or more editors for each issue. The editors can be selected either among the members of the editorial staff or among external scholars specializing in the field related to the issue. Thus each issue of the journal is supported by the scientific supervision of a specialist on the subject. The journal adopts a double blind peer-review process using (see Code of Ethics). To find out the modalities of the blind review process please see this pageThe papers published by Lo Sguardo are articulated into the following categories:


This category indicates the scientific papers produced and submitted only by invitation. All contributions of this section are subjected to a double peer blind review.


This category indicates the scientific papers produced and submitted in response to the call for papers published in each issue of the journalAll contributions of this section are subjected to a double blind peer review.


This category indicates interview essays and interviews with authors of significant works and with leading figures in the contemporary philosophical panorama.


Under this category are published first Italian translations of texts of great significance from the theoretical and scientific point of view (for example, excerpts from significant scientific works recently published or articles of great relevance for the scientific community not yet published in Italian).


PLEASE NOTE: As of No. 35 (2022/2) Lo Sguardo ceases publication of reviews unrelated to the themes of each monographic issue. The editors reserve the right to select specific titles for review beyond ‘thematic’ reviews. Proposals for reviews, notes, and critical discussions should therefore be connected with the themes covered by one of the issues being planned.

This category indicates reviews, notes, and discussions of scientific publications. We distinguish between “thematic reviews” (reviews of books treating the same topic of the issue they are published in) and “athematic reviews” (reviews of books whose topic is different from the one treated in the issue they are published in).